A fun ride to the most popular tourist attractions in old quarter of Hanoi. Learn the history of each famous site from the unique perspective of our guides.
Not only will you learn some fun and interesting facts about of the places we take you on the tour, but also our guides will tell you things only a true native of Hanoi knows. For example:

Why do so many young people hang out in street at noon & night? why local people like eating street foods in old quarter of Hanoi?

The tour offers a good mix of both famous attractions and lesser known markets and sites that the big tours cannot go to.

We offer the tour at lunch time and dinner time, when all most street food shops are opening and we will have an excellent chance to taste many different street food,drink.

Sample the most amazing dishes that Vietnam has to offer! Taste your way through cuisine from North Vietnam, Hue and The South! The “Foodie” is the most acclaimed food tour in all of Vietnam , and is designed to introduce you to the dishes and desserts that most food blogs and other tours don’t really touch upon! We will take you to the most popular street stalls and hidden alleyways in the city and show you where the locals really love to eat! So save your appetite, delight your palate and let us fill your tummy with delicious and authentic Vietnamese food!


  • Our Foodie tour focuses on street food; dishes that most people outside of Vietnam have never had a chance to experience…..so no Banh Cuon,Pho,Banh Mi, Bun Cha, Bia Hoi, Egg Coffee ! We also won’t make you to eat bugs or anything too weird…unless it’s a request. 🙂
  • The Foodie Tour is only available in the evenings when most of the street vendors open for business. All food & drinks are included in the price! You get at least 8 entrees, dessert and drinks (yes…local beer is on the menu!) on this tour. The portions are generous, and we’ll keep on ordering food as long as you keep eating !
DEPARTURE TIME 8:30Am or 14:30Pm or 5:30Pm
Local University Tour Guides

Entrance fees

Food & Drinks




8.30 AM : Pick-up

one of our guide will pick you up at your hotel
  • Tour around Hanoi’s Old Quarter,French old quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake. Take a number of short stops to take photos and learn about the history of the Old Quarter.
  • Ride around the city, outside of the Old Quarter for sightseeing Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum,West Lake,Tran Quoc Pagoda

8.30 AM – 11.00 AM: The Old Quarter Visit

  • Enjoy the best foods in Hanoi

11.30 AM – 12.00 AM: A cup of egg coffee

  • A cup of one of the most special coffee in Hanoi could be the best stop for 3,5-hour tour.

12.00 AM: Return

  • Return to your hotel

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  • The Same goes for the 14:30Pm-starting-time or 17:30Pm- starting-time tours

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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 3 reviews
May 4, 2017

Absolutely perfect!
We took a tour today and it was amazing. It was our first day in Hanoi and we wanted to make a general impression of the city and there are no better way to do it in Vietnam as by motorbike, as there are constant traffic jams (by car it would take twice as long and we could probably cover only the half of it). And it just so much fun to ride a bike in Hanoi! And absolutely safe as well, as long as you have an experienced driver by your side, of course.

Our tour guides, three lovely girls, and especially Mango, did their absolutely best to explain everything to us in a fun and lively way. They showed us places we would never discover on our own, which is a charm of such tours.

So if you want to see as much as possible of Hanoi, or just never rode a motorbike and want to try it, this guys could be highly recommended!

August 27, 2017

We had a fantastic evening tour with Mango and Autumn! Can not speak highly enough of these girls, their knowledge and friendly personalities. The food was amazing and we tried so many things that we would not have had otherwise and the motorbike made the experience all the better. Mango taught us so much about the history, culture and politics along the way and we can not recommend them highly enough.

September 4, 2017

Excursion Hanoï
Magnifique excursion, très enrichissante. La guide, Mango est d’un professionnalisme exemplaire. De jolies explications françaises, le cadre était sublime, la visite du temple de la littérature nous a beaucoup plu. Le goût du café à l’Å“uf nous a surpris mais avait un goût exquis! À recommander particulièrement !
Marie et Pascal.

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